How to Work at Home and Make Money

With the unstable economy, work redundancy and high inflation rate, many of you might be thinking of switching from the normal 9 to 5 job to working at home. In fact it is actually the trend now to work at home and make money. I believe you are here because you too want to know how you can work at home and make money online.

As a matter of fact, there are many online opportunities to work at home and make money. Hence, we will go through one by one. With this, I hope it will help you in one way or another. Below is the list of some of the work that you can do online. As such. please check on these websites to see how you can work at home and make money.

Do Online Surveys and Earn Cash

Online survey is one of the popular platform to make money. Usually this online surveys are conducted by the market research companies. To begin, they will have sets of questionnaires for you to answer. In return you will be paid for your views.

Here, I will share the list of websites you could sign up to do online surveys.






Freelance Writing Assignments

If you enjoy writing or have talents in writing and prefer to work on your own then freelance writing would be ideal for you. Yes, you can be a freelance writer and make money. As we are now in the online era, there are many writing opportunities for freelance writer. This is because most business owners would need regular postings on their websites. As such there are always demand for bloggers, content writers, SEO writers and even ghostwriters.

Decide for yourself which freelance writing suits you. The more you write the more money you can make.

For your interest, these are the platforms that you can look into, to be a freelance writer.

Metro Parent

The Dollar Stretcher

Alexis Grant’s Database of Writers

Working In Content

ProBlogger Job Board

Make Money From Your Photos

Do you know that you can sell your photos for money? In fact, there are actually many platforms available for you to make money from your photos. Usually, once you sign up with them you can simply upload your photos on their platforms. Hence you can start to make money.

In addition, with some websites, you don’t even have to handle the logistic and licensing matters. All these will be taken care for you.

Below is a list of websites that you could consider to sign up to make money from your photos.

500px Prime

SmugMug Pro




Get Paid Test Websites

Another way that you can make money at home is through the Test Websites. For business owners, it is important that people visit their websites and stay on. However this is not always the case. In fact many people just enter then leave the website within seconds. This could be due to reasons such as the websites use terrible fonts and colors or have too many pop-ups. In other words, the website is just not friendly to read.

Therefore, the purpose of this Test Websites job is to identify the setbacks of the websites and give feedbacks. The best thing is that you get paid to browse around the websites, give opinions or feedbacks.

Here are some of the platforms on Get Paid Test Websites that you can venture to make money at home.

1. UserTesting

2. Enroll

3. TestingTime

4. TryMyUI

5. UserLytics

Review Stuffs

Have you ever tried reviewing stuffs or products for others?

In this program you are required to try out a product for a company. You will then have to give them your honest opinion of that product through a survey, quiz, or discussion questions.

After you’re done trying out the product, you’ll be able to keep the product for free. In addition to keeping the product, you might even get paid for your review time.

If you get a product to test, follow the testing directions and give your feedback or review honestly and thoroughly. Some companies may need you to complete their survey forms or participate in the discussion.

You may like to look up the websites below to join the program.






Start A Blog or Online Business

How many of you actually know that blocks of text and a handful of images can generate life-changing amounts of money? If you’ve yet to know what blogging is,  it’s content writing that pulls people to you.

Choose a niche that you’re passionate about and share your views with your network, audience or followers. Once you have substantial visitors to your blog then you can start introducing the monetization mode to your blog.

I started with Wealthy Affiliate. It’s kind of everything is there. But of course I was mad searching before I actually decided on Wealthy Affiliate platform. In fact after I started with the Free Account that Wealthy Affiliate offered, I made up my mind that this would be a good platform for me to gain knowledge, understand the online world and be successful.

I believe that when you are in it, you will get the real experience and feel the possibilities of online success. All in all, I realized that you need a website to begin. That’s the reason why I chose Wealthy Affiliate because It gives you a free starter account and you can try it first.

So here I attached the free account for you. Hope it helps. Work at home and make money

Work at home and make money  

After going through my article above, I hope you have some ideas on how to work at home and make money. There are abundance opportunities out there. Just be serious and work your way up. Moreover, with determination and dedication it is possible to achieve what you want.

Nonetheless, it’s a thousand times easier when you have a website to showcase your work and service. As such, this would give you a better platform and eventually great result.

Well, my advice is, make your first step and get started with the free account. If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me or leave a comment.



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