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Norleila Salleh @ Wealthy Affiliate
Norleila Salleh @ Wealthy Affiliate

Hi !  My name is Norleila.  Welcome to my site and I am here to share with you my past life history.  I really hope it could be a starter for you, towards your online success.

I have been in the offline business for a couple of years.  It has always been my dream to own a website as this is the trend in today’s business.

To cut it short, I could have just engaged a firm to set up my website for me but I always remember my teacher’s sayings, long time ago :

If I give you the fish, it will be gone in just a matter of time, But if I teach you to fish, you can have your fish all the time.

Very inspiring !  But how could I begin when my internet knowledge is ZERO.

The burning urge, ” I want to know” triggered in me.  That was when I attended a seminar on Internet Marketing.  I was excited, motivated during the seminar that I ended up enrolling in a 4 weeks online internet coaching programme.  That made me a few hundred dollars poorer and the sad thing is that it got me nowhere.

To make up for that loss, I started searching through the internet and that was where I stumbled upon WEALTHY AFFILIATE.

WEALTHY AFFILIATE – an honest website, engineered by dedicated personnels and supported by awesome members.

Through WEALTHY AFFILIATE, my first website :  was borned. – the brainchild behind the training and supports I received at WEALTHY AFFILIATE UNIVERSITY – a place where no others can offer. – the platform towards my financial wellness.

If you share the same dream as me, don’t wait ! You can be a student, housewife, retiree, doctor, engineer, teacher, or just any other person, you can START HERE !

learn online business

Take your first step towards your financial success now !

Work At Home and Make Money!

I Can, You Can !

I welcome you for any views or comments. Looking forward to be connected !


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