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How To Build Your Own Free Website

Before I started my online business I was very worried because I did not have How to build your own free websitethe necessary computer skills and also I was not an internet savvy.  

Thus to create my own website free is something insane to think about. What more with the fast moving technologies, I could imagine myself drowned in the internet ocean.  I believed “How to build your own free website” were just gimmicks.

However, all those initial worries were actually unfounded because building your own website is no longer a hassle today.

 Anyone, whether  you are a beginner or professional can build a fully functional website easily.

Hence, let me share with you the fastest and easiest way to build your own free website.

How to Build Your Own Free Website

Regardless of whether you want to create a business website, your online store, any of your passion website or just for the pleasure of it, the road has been made easy for you.  

Moreover, you don’t even need the technical skills or the coding knowledge.  In fact, you can do it yourself quick and simple.

Okay, have you started your first step to build your own free website or are you stuck?

Never mind, let me enlighten you step by step.

Build your own free website step by step
Build your own free website step by step

Learn how to build your own website for free

Look at the image above – Build a Free Website Here.  Just Enter a name for your Free Website.

Upon entering, the system will do a check and prompt you if the name you have chosen is available.  If it is available then you can continue to press the blue button – Build It Now and you are on your way to building your own free website.

However, if the name chosen is unavailable then just choose another name.  When the system prompts its availability, you may then proceed as above.

So  how is the going?  If you are still in doubt or have not gained that confidence yet, do not worry.  I have included a walk through video on how to create a website in under 30 seconds here for your perusal.  Feel free to go through this video below.

Click Here : Create a Website in Under 30 Secs

Build your website in 30secs

Well done!  Now that you know how to build your own free website, you are now ready for your online journey.

In addition, here are some of the internet terminologies that you might come across as you move on…

– Domain Names

– Hosting

– Niche

Contents Writing

– Keywords Research

– SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

– Google Ranking

– Traffic

– Affiliate Marketing

– Email Marketing

– Autoresponder

Cool…Do not panic!  You can obtain all these information within Wealthy Affiliate.

Click the image below to see what is Wealthy Affiliate University!

If you need help or further explanations on how to build your own free website, do not hesitate to ask.  You can post them in the comment box below or you can also reach me via my Wealthy Affiliate profile HERE.


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