Why So Many People Fail In Affiliate Marketing

I discovered that there are so many people who are interested in affiliate marketing. You might be one of them that is why you are here reading my article. Congratulations!Why so many people fail in affiliate marketing?

In fact, there are huge number of people that have succeeded in their affiliate marketing venture. Nonetheless, there are also many who failed.

Therefore, why not spend a little of your time learning why so many people fail in affiliate marketing. Get the tips and tricks. Prepare yourself diligently to be one of the many successful affiliate marketers.

Affiliate Marketing Sales

I believe that you want to join affiliate marketing because you want to make money online. You want a passive income like other affiliate marketers. Right? Well there is nothing wrong to make money from affiliate marketing. For your info, it is trending now to join the affiliate marketing company. Many have actually done so.

In affiliate marketing, you just have to make as many sales as possible for the affiliate marketing company. You will then earn your desired income. As an affiliate marketer, you are paid commissions on the sales you made.

It is a simple process. That is why affiliate marketing attracts so many people. But then again, why so many people fail in affiliate marketing?

People want to make money fast

Who does not want to make money fast? You and I will definitely also want to make money fast. However, in whatever you do, you will first have to build the foundation. The same goes for affiliate marketing. You will need to build a strong foundation for your affiliate marketing. Only then will you be able to make money.

Usually in the haste to make money fast, people ignore the building of a strong foundation for their affiliate marketing. As such, they never make any or enough money. As worst, some screamed that affiliate marketing is a scam just because they have not been successful.

Thus failing to build a strong foundation is one of the reasons why so many people fail in affiliate marketing.

Lost of focus in the product/service

This is one of the common traps. When you look around, you are bound to see other people’s success. You will start busying yourself digging into their products or service. Hence, you will start losing focus on your own product or service.

Honestly, there are just too many products or services that you can promote in affiliate marketing. Study the product or service thoroughly before you commit yourself to promoting it. When you have decided on the product or service, then you will have to put your whole heart into it.

It is not healthy for you to have the attitude of picking up one thing and dropping the other. All the product or service that you choose will need to go through the same process for it to be seen and purchased. So do not lose focus on the product or service of your affiliate marketing.

Lacking in knowledge

Knowledge is your weapon. It is vital to equip yourself with knowledge. Firstly, you must be strong in your product knowledge. At the same time, you must know the marketing strategies and style to promote it.

You must be able to identify your audience (people who need your product or service). With strong product knowledge, you will be able to provide the necessary advice to your customers.

It is important for you to upgrade yourself with knowledge. You will need to keep yourself up with the knowledge revolution.  You must be confident, lively, enthusiastic and interested in your affiliate marketing. All these will be achievable when you have the solid knowledge ground into you.

Take care of your customer

Many people forget about their customer once they complete the sales. They will turn their direction for new sales.

This is not the right attitude in your affiliate marketing business.

Of course new sales are important. However, ignoring your already customer is a big mistake. Today he might be buying from you, but tomorrow he might be buying from somebody else. This is all because you have not been servicing or building rapport with your current customer.

Building relationship with your customer is a plus sign. This will increase his trust in you. When trust is built, he will always come to you for product, service or even advice.

It is always easier to sell to your current customer than to a new prospect. Therefore, you must take care of your customer. Failing to take care of your customer is another reason why so many people fail in affiliate marketing.

Create a niche website

Do you need a website for your affiliate marketing business? The obvious answer is YES. Well many affiliate marketers actually have their own websites. But how come they are still not making money? In other words, why do they fail in their affiliate marketing?why so many people fail in affiliate marketing?

Let’s look into what has gone wrong with their website. Website is a place for people to look for information. Thus, when you own a website, you need to fill it with information. This is called content creation. You need to consistently create content for your website. They say “Content is King”. That means, it is so important to have contents. Most importantly, what you write must be quality content.

Why do you need to create contents

Through content creation, you can show your audience why they need your product or service. You need to educate them. In this way, you are helping them to get product or service that are beneficial to them. All this information is contained in your website. That is the reason why you need to create a website.

When your website have many quality contents, your ranking will move up. More people will be reached. Meaning your website is getting more exposure. So when more people know about you, then your chances to make sales will be greater.

Unfortunately, many people hope for magic to happen. After building their website and creating some contents, they want all the people to know them and buy from them. Sales do not happen that way in affiliate marketing.

Therefore, this is why so many people fail in affiliate marketing.

Why I join Wealthy Affiliate

Here, I would like to share with you my own experience. I was lucky to come across Wealthy Affiliate website while doing my research on online affiliate marketing. Like others, I too want to make passive income.

As Wealthy Affiliate, I learned that there is no way to easy money if you want it to be everlasting. Affiliate marketing is a long term online business. It’s a real business and it’s your own business. You have to work very hard for your business. The reward is lucrative if you really work for it.

The 4 pillars of affiliate marketing success

There are 4 pillars for affiliate marketing success. If you are able to hold tight to these pillars then there should not be any reason for you not to be successful.

Set your main Goal

Firstly, you must set your main goal. You must decide What you want to achieve and Why you want to achieve it. When you have your goal, you will have your directions. Once you have decided on your goal, be consistent, persistent and seriously work hard for it. Keep your GOAL fresh in your mind everyday.

Develop Super Affiliate Mindset

Next, it is important that you develop or maintain super affiliate mindset. Yes my friend. Your mindset is your great asset. You must not let others corrupt your mindset. How you think will influence your response to a situation. This will then be the result or outcome of your situation. So take care of your super affiliate mindset. Surround yourself with the like-minded people.

Take Massive, Consistent Action

Thirdly, you have to take massive, consistent action. It’s fortunate that my joining Wealthy Affiliate enables me to follow the in-house training. Thus, I am able to apply the training to my affiliate marketing. The training taught me the step by step process from building a website, fill it with quality contents, attract customers and make money. It is very helpful especially if you are a newbie to affiliate marketing. There are live and also recorded webinar. Upon going through the training, you have to take massive, consistent action for you to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Continuous Learning

Last but not least, continuous learning is a must. The online industry is moving very fast. There’s rapid progress ofWhy so many people fail in affiliate marketing? technology. Therefore you need to catch up with learning. For me, I am not tech savvy. Thus, I really appreciate the site support offered by Wealthy Affiliate. As least, I have place to turn to when I encounter issues with my website. Mind you, the site support is superb and immediate. Besides that, the Wealthy Affiliate community itself is so awesome, supportive and helpful.


Well I hope you have grasp some important points on the process to be successful in affiliate marketing. Knowing the reasons why so many people fail in affiliate marketing will help you move in the right direction and take the right action.

If you are serious to build passive income and start affiliate marketing, then I recommend that you follow closely what I have suggested above. Remember, you need a website with quality contents. You need to get the quality training. It does not matter if you are a newbie because most of us start that way.

There are so many courses available online with all kinds of gurus. I am fortunate to bump into Wealthy Affiliate.

If you need help or further explanations, do not hesitate to contact me. You may also reach me via my Wealthy Affiliate profile HERE.

I look forward to your success!

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