The Step By Step Guide on How To Write A Website Content

You always hear ‘content is king’. Meaning, content is a crucial factor in determining the success of a website. How are you able to reach your goals through content writing would be your main objective. Thus, it is important to understand the process of creating website content and how to write a quality, relevant content to meet your target.

Write A Quality Content To Establish Your Website Brand

When you write a website content, know that you are writing to an audience who has an initial interest in your website. But that does not mean that your audience will stay and read all your content until the end. How can you offer your audience the best experience possible through your content so that they will not just click and leave your website.

Always have the intention to help your audience and provide useful information that they are seeking. When your audience get what they are searching, they tend to stay longer. If you manage to catch your audience’s interest, chances are you are on your way to gain their trust. They will usually bookmark your website for future reference.

Website content is a door to your website. It is a way to build awareness, establish your brand and to build trust with your audience. Write content that targets audience or visitors that are genuinely interested in your products or services that you offer. This does not mean that you need to be a super writer to write a website content. It would be advantage if you know the art of communication. Again this should not be something ‘big’ but just the ability to communicate naturally with your audience.

Quality Content Helps To Get Traffic To Your Website

Your website is your platform for your sales funnel. To get voluminous sales you need more people to visit your website. Hence, when you write a content, you must aim to get rankings in search engines. Great rankings are achieved through quality, relevant content. With great rankings content, you would be able to attract traffics to your website. Therefore, you would have a better opportunity to convert these traffics to sales. Remember I mentioned earlier that your content must target visitors that are genuinely interested in your products or services that you offer so that you would be able to optimize your conversions. Greater conversions mean greater sales.

How to Write A Quality Website Content

Before you start writing a website content you need to search for a targeted keyword. This targeted keyword would be the focal point of your content. It has to be relevant to your niche. The aim of a targeted keyword is to have the opportunity to rank your content under that keyword in Google. Quality content tends to lead to great rankings. This in turn leads to getting traffic to your website. Thus increases the chances of obtaining revenues.

Upon deciding on a targeted keyword, you will next have to come up with a captivating Headline. You need to have a captivating Headline in order to grab the attention of your audience or visitors. This is an important part because if you fail to capture your audience’s or visitor’s attention then you are actually losing a potential sale.

Targeted Keyword And Rankings In Website Content

Always include your targeted keyword in your website content Title. This will help your content to get rankings in search engine. Rankings is a determinant factor to get your traffics. More traffics mean more opportunity to obtain sales. Make sure to also include your targeted keyword in the first paragraph of your website content.

Although targeted keyword is essential, you must write your website content naturally. Do not attempt to ‘stuff’ your content with your targeted keyword. Search engine will not like this and this will affect your rankings.

Write A Website Content With Emotion

Like it or not, you will notice that people buy a product or service not because the product or service offered is so superb that they want to own it. In fact, there is an underlying factor called emotion that influences their buying. Yes, people buy because of emotion. Emotion conveyed effectively has the power to make your audience or visitor interested in what you have to say. So, this is how you have to write a website content. That is, you have to pay much attention on how to trigger your audience’s or visitor’s emotion.

Do not just write about the specification of the product or service. Facts and figures are just technical things that do not convey the ‘feelings’ when using the product or service. Your audience or visitor would want to ‘feel’ the product or service before they actually own it. So, this ‘feel’ can be conveyed to them through emotion. Hence, when you write your website content, you must aim to capture your audience’s or visitor’s emotion. This way, you will have a great chance to sell your product or service.

There are in a few ways you can write your website content. One of the method is through story telling. In fact story works well to help convince people to buy. You can also give your opinions and recommendation but remember what ever approach you choose, make sure you trigger your audience’s or visitor’s emotion.

The Step By Step Guide On How To Write A Website Content.

1. Choose your target keyword relevant to your niche.

2. Create your content outline.

3. Include your targeted keyword in your content title.

4. Your targeted keyword must also appear in the first paragraph.

5. Write the rest of the content naturally with emotion.

6. Publish your content to your website.


Bear in mind that for a website to be successful, you need to gain Authority. Your content plays a big part in determining your website success. Always attempt to write quality, relevant content. Make sure you write your content consistently because content consistency leads to Authority.

When you become an Authority in your niche then you can expect rankings in search engine. In other words, Authority leads to rankings.

It is important to gain rankings because rankings lead to traffic and ultimately revenue opportunity.


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How To Become A Super Affiliate


What is A Super Affiliatestart your free wealthy affiliate

Our discussion for today is “How to become A Super Affiliate“.  But before we go in depth, let’s understand “What is A Super Affiliate?”

Many of us understand that A Super Affiliate is someone who makes tonnes of money through online affiliate marketing  but do we realise the process that an affiliate has to go through before he can actually become A Super Affiliate?  Let’s understand the procedures and work ourselves up.



What is Online Affiliate Marketing

Online Affiliate marketing is a marketing program whereby you earn commissions as an affiliate from sales you make for the products or services you represent.affiliate-marketing  In other words, you as an affiliate promote someone else’s products or services through your website or social medias and in return earn commissions on sales of the products or services engaged.

Usually the commissions will be based on a certain percentage of the sales.  Hence, the more sales you make, the greater will be your commission.  This is a great determining factor to influence an affiliate’s aggressiveness in marketing.

Having understand the definition of A Super Affiliate and the concept of affiliate marketing, lets move to dig the secrets on How To Become A Super Affiliate.

How To Become A Super AffiliateWA Super Affiliate

To begin with, anybody can become A Super Affiliate but not everybody is A Super Affiliate.

We all have dreams and ambitions but how do we convert our dreams and ambitions into reality?

Simply saying you want to become A Super Affiliate will not turn you into one.  However, this is an important starting point to engage your gear, set your vision and struggle hard to become A Super Affiliate.

Yes, I did say struggle hard because to become A Super Affiliate you need a very strong determination and an attitude of ‘Never say die’.

Well, honestly I am not trying to frighten you or chase you away but after being in the online industry for several years, I want to help you set your mindset and be mentally prepared to face the online revolution.


With strong mentality and great attitude, I believe anybody would be able to survive the  hardships and calamities that could strike in the process to become A Super Affiliate.

Just like in any other battle, you have to realise that in whatever you want to achieve, there are always rules and regulations, plans and strategies to be executed. The same applies to the case as to How to become A Super Affiliate.





In order to become A Super Affiliate, you have to always be optimistic. You have to have strong believe in what you want to do.  You must believe that you can achieve what you have set out.  You must not let any circumstances pull you down. Whether it is from the external force or the internal pull within yourself.

Another important factor to become A Super Affiliate is the ability to be self-motivated.  When you are self-motivated, you will then be constantly looking for avenues and new ways to upgrade your performance without having to wait for external instructions.  Likewise, any external setback will not have any influence on your performance or be a hindrance to your progress.

Moreover, with self-motivated attitude, you will develop an inquisitive as well as a critical mind that will help you to move forward.  This is a crucial contribution to your progress.  As you move and progress further, you will have to be even tougher because the challenges ahead are definitely going to be greater.


Besides being optimistic and self-motivated, in order to become A Super Affiliate, you need to have a high level of discipline and follow closely to your work schedule.  Dedication and work commitment are vital requirements towards your achievement.  There must not be any compromising attitude on your time factor.  It is necessary to manage your time wisely and allot a specific time frame for your work commitment and this will definitely require great discipline.



DO NOT PROCRASTINATEdo not procrastinate

Furthermore, to become A Super Affiliate, you have to beware of the danger of procrastination.  Never put what you can or have to do today to a later period because this will not only delay your work but at worst hinder your progress.  In fact many failures have been associated with the present of procrastination.


In addition, to become A Super Affiliate, you must love and enjoy to go through the process.  Doing something you love and enjoy will help you to accelerate at a faster speed.  Love has the power to inspire us towards success.  When love is present, you will usually be able to take on any challenges that cross your path.  You are prepared to go through ‘thick and thin’ in order to overcome the challenges.  What is more important is to see that your love triumphs.  When you love something, you will not want to see failure.  Love is thus a strong motivating factor to your victory to become A Super Affiliate.

BE CREATIVE AND QUEST FOR KNOWLEDGEknowledge is the key to success

Besides the above-mentioned criterias, to become A Super Affiliate, you have to be creative.  You must always look for new ideas to see that your plans and strategies do not remain stagnant.  You must be able to adapt to changes because the IT world changes at a very high rapid speed.  You must equip yourself with the necessary ammunitions.  All these in fact require abundance of knowledge.  Hence to become A Super Affiliate, you need to constantly upgrade yourself with all the knowledge.


Always stay focus on what you want to achieve.  Do not let distractions conquer you.  The ability to forecast what to come would be great advantage and a contributing factor towards your achievement to become A Super Affiliate.

How fast or slow you achieve to become A Super Affiliate will depend greatly on your momentum.  Therefore it is important that you do not lose your momentum to work.  To play safe, you have to check your momentum at all time so as not to fall victim to such circumstances.




Also, you have to realise that most successes come with great perseverance.  Although not everybody is blessed with great perseverance, but to realise your dream and ambition to become A Super Affiliate, you surely need to build and maintain your perseverance.  The word ‘give up’ must not be in your dictionary.

The next ingredient to become A Super Affiliate will nonetheless be persistence.  Yes, you have to be persistent in what you want to achieve.  You must have the burning desire to achieve your goal, that is, to become A Super Affiliate.  All these will not be achieved with a half-hearted movement.  Persistency must be a push factor to reach your target.

Following persistence is consistency.  You must stay consistent to achieve your goal.  You cannot afford to feel burnt-out as this will hinder your progress and in many cases resulted in failures.  So it is crucial to ensure that you stay consistent throughout your journey to become A Super Affiliate.


Now that you have identify the exquisite qualities to become A Super Affiliate, you will now need to run an internet marketing campaigns.

Briefly, these are the factors to consider when running marketing campaigns.

– Identify your target audience. You need to identify your target audience in order to ensure that your marketing campaigns reach the right audience thus enabling you to capture your buyers.

– Study your statistics. You need to analyse the outcome of the campaigns so that improvements could be made for future campaigns.

– Retain customers. You need to build rapport with your existing customers. This can be done through strategies like sending emails etc. When you have built trust with your customers then chances of them coming back for repeat buying would be great.

– Tackle setbacks.  Any potential customers that did not end up buying should not just be tossed aside.  You should follow up their cases and crack your head as to reasons of no conversion.

Get Started To Become A Super Affiliate

Create step by step

Get started step by step

Well, if you are thinking of making money online then you must make your first step. You may wish to join any affiliate group or company.  Learn the process of becoming an affiliate.  Remember you need to continuously pursue the ongoing knowledge.

The online journey is full of challenges and there are too much knowledge to gain and much more actions to take.  Do not let yourself be overwhelmed.  Take one step at a time but bear in mind that you must not be complacent. Never stay too long at your comfort zone.

You must know that the journey is a marathon.  Do not expect an overnight success.  A good foundation built, will last you a lifetime.Training and Coaching

Strive hard to become A Super Affiliate.  Anybody is qualified as long as you are prepared to travel the rigorous journey. Enjoy every moment of your struggle.  Cultivate the culture – Work time is play time. This will help to lighten your journey.  Your hardwork will definitely pay you off.  No Regrets!

Finally, always remember your “Big WHY? – Why you want to become A Super Affiliate” and strive on how to become A Super Affiliate.





If you need help or further explanations on how to become A Super Affiliate , do not hesitate to ask.  You can post them in the comment box below or you can also reach me via my Wealthy Affiliate profile HERE.


Looking forward to your success

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