What is Internet Domain Name

Are you a beginner? You’re new to the online world? Do you know what is internet domain name? Maybe you have heard it but do not know exactly what internet domain name is and how does itwhat is internet domain name work. Then you’re on the right site because I’m going to explain about internet domain name and also other online terminologies

When I first stepped into the online world, I was quite lost. All these terms such as domain, web, web hosting, SEO (Search Engine Optimization), keywords and many more, are all something new to me. I was determined to find out about all these as I was keen to start an online business.

Thus, in this article, I hope to share with you the basic knowledge like what is internet domain name and how does it work. At least you will have a general idea and know where to start.

What is Internet Domain Name

Although you’re a beginner who might just start to move into the online business, I believe you probably have heard about internet domain name. However, you might not know clearly what it is and what has it got to do with your online business. Hence, I will attempt to make it easy for you to understand.

To put it plainly, on a layman term, an internet domain name is the name of your website. Before you could start running a website, you will first have to acquire an internet domain name. Some understand domain name as the address of your website. You will have to buy this domain name from the Domain Registrars. Domain registrars are the companies that register and manage the domain names for all websites around the world.

Why do I need an Internet Domain Name?

Your domain name is like your property. There cannot be two same domain names. With the domain name, people can search for you in the internet and see what you share. They will be able to get access to the information you shared through your blog posts or pages. Usually the internet domain name will come with a dot com (.com) dot org ( .org) dot net ( .net) and others. An example of an internet domain name is moneymakepower.com

So, lets say I want to look for moneymakepower.com website, then all I have to do is to type the internet domain name, that is moneymakepower.com in the browser’s address bar (URL). This will bring me to moneymakepower.com website. Thus, I will be able to see all the articles of that internet domain name.

Where to buy Internet Domain Name?

You can buy your internet domain name from companies such as Namecheap, Godaddy and many more. They are known as Domain Name Registrars. Some of these Domain Name Registrars also offer web hosting services. There are thousands of Domain Name Registrars and Resellers in the market.

Generally, an internet domain name would cost around $9 – $14.99 per year. The prices actually depend on the type of domain extension and also the Domain Registrar that you choose.

Some of these Domain Registrars also offer packages with features like unlimited email accounts, hosting plans and others. Of course all these features will contribute to your price factors. So you have to know and decide what plan suits your need. It is wise to choose a Domain Name Registrar that has good support and offer a reliable network infrastructure and security.

Tips to choose Domain Name

Many people wasted a lot of time looking for a ‘perfect’ domain name. Thus, I want to help you speed up the process. Here are some tips on how to choose your internet domain name.

For your information, a good domain does not need to have a keyword within it. In fact, it would be good to have a domain name which is brandable and easy to remember.

Your domain name should be representing the niche you are in and one which is brandable and memorable (easy to remember).

What is a domain name and web hosting

Being new to the online world, after knowing what is a domain name, you might be wondering what is web hosting. What relationship do they have?

Well they are definitely two different things. However, they need each other to function. As I have explained earlier, the domain name is like the address of your website. Without the domain name, people cannot find your website on the internet. Whilst the web hosting is like a storage place to store all your files of your website. There are factors to consider when choosing a web hosting as it affects the speed of your website.

Wealthy Affiliate is My Smart Choice

In 2014, I started to be interested in the online business. I had to search through the internet to get all those informations. It took me days until I found Wealthy Affiliate website. I was offered 7 days free online course. This is a great opportunity because I’m seriously interested to do online business.

I learned step by step to building my first website. Wealthy Affiliate really make it so simple. I was really a newbie with no online background. What more building a website.

My first internet domain name was bought from Namecheap.com. At that time Wealthy Affiliate was not a Domain Registrar yet. Now you can actually buy your domain name directly from Wealthy Affiliate through the SiteDomains platform. The process is simple and fast. Domain privacy and security are also included with every purchase, along with your email accounts.

Moreover, Wealthy Affiliate also offers web hosting to help you get your first website up and running without having to purchase web space at an external hosting company. Their hosting is very similar to the service you will receive from other companies. As long as you are a member of Wealthy Affiliate, you may host your website for free on their servers!

Wealthy Affiliate Support

At Wealthy Affiliate I really feel so secured because I could always rely on their site support whenever I have any website issues. As I am not tech savvy, I really appreciate Wealthy Affiliate support. They have also taken all the technical aspects out of purchasing a domain like “DNS setting” updates and all the website’s stuff.

I would recommend that you check into Wealthy Affiliate first before you commit yourself to buying any domain. If by any chance you’re already a website owner, you could still see if Wealthy Affiliate could be an added advantage for you.

Below, I have attached a link for you. Hope it helps you in your search for What is internet Domain Name.

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